Hall Of Shame Gallery

The "Locksmith" Hall Of Shame. These are examples poor work that we've seen. This is NOT our work. Enjoy!

Work performed by an established locksmith company. Just nasty, nasty work. Customer told me the locksmith had a hard time - it shows! Hardware required larger holes bored out in door, so he did. Went all crazy with a hole saw and didn't even remove the latch hardware prior. Brand new French doors, brand new hardware. Ruined. Don't let them come to your house!

Work performed by same company as previous photo. Door was really floppy when closed. Well, that little gold part on the strike is a roller. It would fit nicely to the left of the opening, a spot that seems to be specially designed for it ... hmm. It serves no purpose next to the seal since the latch never engages it.

These screws were intentionally cut short. Used to screw the door hinges to the door frame, holding some heavy French doors. Long screws are actually better, and recommended, as they screw all the way into the wooden studs in the wall of the house providing a solid installation. They come long for a reason, why cut all 24 of them short? This was also supposedly done by an actual locksmith company.

When a locksmith installs a $600 exit alarm device that is intended to prevent theft, but misaligned the "strike" bracket. So the deadbolt never really locked in, leaving an exterior door of a store absolutely unlocked for several years! Until, of course, we fixed it.